Sunday, March 07, 2010

Attacking Sedentary Living

From straws to ice to this - one post leads to another...

Yep, that's in fact an erect chick urinating.

Check out the product. It's marketed as *easing the call of nature* when outdoors. I just ordered one each for my wife and daughter!

The other day, my 3.72 year old daughter asked to go to a particular park. It was warm out so we'd figure to be out for a while. I warned her that there was *no bathroom* at that park.

Princess C-Nut - I'll just do a pop-a-squat.

Now I'm pretty advanced as far as being a modern father is concerned.

But I still struggle mightily with a couple things that necessitate *Mom*; I can't for the life of me do *pigtails*; and I'm not so good at aiding a 3 year old's uneventful pop-a-squat.

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west coast tom. said...

so first you get them 'the soap', now this?! That's just wrong man...