Monday, March 08, 2010

Undaunted Bull-Headed Morons

So I know somebody locally...

They overpaid for too much house, too soon (before the market dropped and before they procreated) - plus the place needs a whole lot of finishing to boot (sod, basement, driveway, etc.).

Three months after they buy borrow the place, the guy loses his job. And it takes him a full torturous year to find gainful employment. During that time the spouse admitted to many rivers of tears ("everytime I pulled into the driveway") and that they had to withdraw from retirement accounts just to pay the 30 year(!) mortgage.

So, fortunately for him he did secure a rare open position in this ultra-$hitty labor market - although it seems to be substantially *commission-based*.

Now, what does he do not even two months in?

He goes out and buys leases a *Rover*!

That has to be nearly $500 a month, right?

Earthlings simply do not learn - not unless the lesson is jammed down their throat, or fired up their posterior cavity.


Paul Mitchell said...

Every 30 something couple I know is exactly like your local friend. I want to punch them in the throat every time I speak to them.

CaptiousNut said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that this yup-ple (yuppie couple)....that when they first bought this house they decided NOT to sell their condo in Boston.

Instead, they are renting it out at a $100 loss each month ad infinitum.

(Not friends, though. I have some intelligence standards!)

Orion said...

Try $6-$700 per month. And then there's keeping the mileage in check. Want to take your 4WD leased Rover on long winter trips? Not likely.