Saturday, March 13, 2010

YouTube Musicians

My son and I had a blast the other day, learning this one:

I'm left wondering if piano lessons are really even necessary - given the amount of free and purchasable resources out there for the self-motivated.

After all, I've never taken a golf lesson in my life and yet I've become quite proficient at whacking that little white ball. Although, I freely admit that it should never have taken me so much time or effort to get to where I am now, a 7-handicap or so.

But who knows, had I had professional lessons as a kid and a rod at my back....perhaps I would have turned out like all those other child golf prodigies - burned out and without any love left for the game?

This is why, aside from financial considerations, I'm not too eager to get my kids paid piano lessons. Forget reading notes and classical music, let's keep it fun, let's stick with pop music and movie themes until a higher-level interest takes root on its own.

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