Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Doing The Nasty, Email

Ever get a *nasty email* from somebody?

Believe it or not, I actually receive perhaps 3-5 per year!

I almost don't know what to do with them. It's one thing for someone, perhaps having a *bad day* or *bad year*, to snap at you verbally. But it's quite another when someone takes the time to articulate their rage via electronic mail. And, furthermore, the nastiness is punctuated if you know the sender to be a deliberate, two-finger typer!

Though it's well within my capabilities, I don't bother to even respond. For example, about a year ago a guy I golfed with a few times sent me this weird nasty email. He was way out of line but I didn't even feel obligated to point that out. He was done - never to witness my soaring 325 yard drives in person again. The guy was a freakin' mere acquaintance for crying out loud - yet he took a tone like he was my undivorceable brother or something.

My policy is firm - DON'T ever respond to nasty emails. Fifth grade is thankfully over!

(BTW, *nasty* blog comments are another matter. Fire away. I generally have good fun with them. I'm particularly amused by those haters who can't stand me, yet read religiously. In five years of blogging, I've ONLY deleted *spam* from my comment threads.)

A back-in-the-day blast for West Coast Tom:

What a terrible song, even for back then.


joe c said...

Now why would someone ever leave you a "nasty email"

CaptiousNut said...

Because I speaketh the truth....and there's nothing more unpopular to say!

Anonymous said...

i love you more and more with each post!

west coast tom. said...

"who's that thinkin' nasty thoughts..." Why that'd WOULD be me. However, nothing could be as overtly gay than that soft-rock waxin' about the other day. And now that I think about it, I think your wrist may be a little limp for a musical instrument.

I've got to go back to practicing my "crip walk" (see youtube).

Regarding comment number 3, I think Perry is back! AHHAA!