Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Last Straw

What is it with restaurants and *straws*?

I mean, no one drinks with straws at home, so why does everyone need them when eating out?

I don't know about y'all, but I feel stupid drinking with one...


Paul Mitchell said...

I think that it has something to do with you do not actually want to put your lips on a cup that came from their kitchen. Of course, this is not even marginally more safe than actually drinking from the cup itself.

The one thing that forever confuses me is that some people actually save straws from fast food places that they have never used and will never use. Check out the silverware drawer of any chick. There will be ten straws in there. Hoarding is a terrible disease.

Taylor Conant said...


I was going to make the same point PM did... that is a theory I've heard bandied about when I've questioned morons as to why they're using a straw. Another reason could be "because people don't typically use ice at home" so they need the straw otherwise the ice makes for awkward sipping when they tip the glass up and aren't used to it (and are 5, apparently).

Chicks use straws a lot when drinking flavored drinks because they all read about some crazy dental idea (no doubt in Cosmo or some equally insipid publication) that the straw allows you to bypass the teeth and deposit the fluid directly in the throat. This way, you can drink colored soft drinks all day and yet your teeth don't get stained.

I am telling you, chicks, especially chicks on college campuses, swear by this, as absolutely utterly idiotic as it might seem to anyone with a brain.

As for me, I always toss the straw for its a bothersome nuisance. Obviously, this includes the stir-straws in bar drinks. Ever seen someone (especially a guy!) look like a total doof sipping his drink through a stir straw?!

CaptiousNut said...

I thought about the germaphobia aspect, but not the *ice*.

I guess next time we are at a friend's house and they offer us a drink....we should request a straw - if only to drive home how stupid the practice is.

As far as the chicks at bars, I hadn't heard that thing about sugar and teeth. I just figured most of these dumb *kids* either don't really like alcohol (hence the juice) or get so loopy when drinking that a straw helps keep spilling down (a bit anyway).