Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Raising A Bibliophile

We are still hard at work *home educating* the brood here - the 5.30 year old Prince and 3.74 year old Princess.

I reckon it was back in September when my son took a major leap on all fronts. I'd say now is another such juncture.

He's been able to read for a quite a while now - but finally we're getting to the point where he's willing to sit down and enthusiastically read a book all on his own. And what a relief this is - for two parents, especially Mrs. C-Nut - who've spent countless hours reading to him.

In fact, the other day my wife bought him a bunch of books at a *yard sale*. At various points all afternoon he could be seen toting them from one part of the park to another, from one room in the house to another, poring through them, and excitedly telling everyone around about his *new books*.

I know my work is hardly done, but once a child becomes *self-propelled* the parental homeschooling effort needed greatly diminishes. I mean now I can just tell him to sit down and read to himself while I'm doing Kumon books with his sister, cooking dinner, hitting golf balls, blogging, or whatnot.

Ever so slowly, my personal free time is coming back...

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