Friday, March 12, 2010

A Faux Boom?

I always found it funny to check out the *card section* of CVS or Walgreens the morning of Valentine's Day - it's always jam-packed with procrastinating, stressed out *men*.

This Valentine's Day weekend I was at a local mall where I beheld the above line, a line JUST TO GET INTO THE STORE.

What is Pandora anyway?

I think it's cheap costume jewelry or something.

Note that day I also walked by two traditional, precious metallic, jewelry stores. But both were deserted.


Mom in MA said...

It's costume jewelry but I wouldn't call it cheap. They are known for charm bracelets. I buy them for my MIL and she loves them. Considering a base silver bracelet is around $75? and charms run $29-$200...and it would hold up to, say 100 charms? No, not cheap. They're cute too...your mil may like them...or your wife if she likes title 9 (not new btw)...

CaptiousNut said...


So I guess the charms go with $98 dollar Lululemon yoga pants!

Your MIL into that too?

Mom in MA said...

They DO! Now you're learning...
Pick up a mommy and me matching lily Pulitzer set on your way home from the Pandora store!