Friday, March 05, 2010

Scatology, Defined

Contemplate for a moment the thought process behind that do...

I was just thinking how much *poopy* material there is out there - how universal and bleoved a subject defecation is.

I was thinking they're really ought to be a *poop blog*. So I googled for one and came up with almost nothing (constipated!).

Now there's a $1 million dollar business idea if I ever smelt one!

I have one poopy friend in particular who could supply an hilarious, marketable, auto-biographical anecdote every few days.

See - One More Crudity From NH - for an example.

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Taylor Conant said...


Speaking of... track down the episode "Who Pooped The Bed?", season 4 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It should be posted on Hulu for free viewing in a couple weeks, actually, as it's one of the next eps up.

You should enjoy it. It's crude, though... as much as the Prince might enjoy it for its subject matter, he's a bit too innocent for some of the language and adult concepts involved.