Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Anti-Social Networking

Click that graphic to enlarge if necessary.

Those are all *social networks*, according to this site anyway.

I have barely a surface level understanding of what most of these animals do.

And that, according to my recent research, is definitely limiting the traffic to my blog (to about 1,000 hits a day).

I've spent that last couple of days poring over *professional blogger* sites in an effort to improve my blog. While there were a few dissenters, there seemed to be a consensus among the rest that utilizing Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Twitter and the like is absolutely essential to growing a blog's audience. So I'll see what I can do on that front.

They also tell me that I should encourage people to subscribe to my blog's *feed* something I always thought would decimate my traffic. (That's why, as of now, I don't have a *feed button* atop Marginalizing Morons.) Furthermore, they unanimously assert that I should put a *subscribe by email* button on my blog as well.

Other recurring advice: write articles for other sites, allow guest commenters here, become active on other like-minded blogs - commenting and whatnot, hide my archives on a back page to get my search rankings up higher, get my blog listed in *directories*, truncate my posts with a *read more* link, significantly increase the use of my keywords, e.g. "Moron", "Marginalize", write and either sell ebooks or give them away to my loyal readers, etc.

But all of that seems like a lot of effort. In fact I gave up not only commenting on other blogs, but I also completely stopped READING other blogs so I could dedicate my time and energy to producing my own content.

In my younger, more stubborn years I would face-off with empiricism without blinking. But I'm a bit wiser I'm going to set my *old* thinking aside and try out some new things here.


Deanna Shaw said...

..and? Did I miss the posted follow-up? Numbers, numbers, numbers...

I'm guessing you're not on Facebook. If you were, posting a snapshot link of new blog posts to your newsfeed (and making your newsfeed public) would be a great way to build traffic once you've established your connections.

It's insane how many nuts are addicted to Facebook. Oh, wait...

CaptiousNut said...

I don't have any *numbers* for you...

But I have started a series on my efforts to improve my blog. It starts here:

Better Blogging Chronicles - 1