Monday, March 08, 2010

Wannabe WASPs

Great names, right?

Some photographer hung that pic (among many others) in the local community center to advertise her business.

Now I've seen some bad names - heck, I'm even related to some of these victimized toddlers - but Cotter and Cormac are right up there with the all-time worst.

I'm all for *being different* in this world. But if parents want to stand out, they should homeschool or something. Because, you Moron parents, if you're not a genuine WASP....not only can you not pull these horrible names off, you become a well-advertised poseur.

See also - Worst Baby Name Ever.


Anonymous said...

Also, don't real WASPs usually use the antiquey-sounding last name as a middle name, alongside a normal given/first name?
(who will not be naming anyone Kowalski (after the 'Madagascar' Disney penguin) or Zagloba for a first name)

Anonymous said...

Beats the hell out of Ned and Mayfair...