Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plateaued Blogs

One of the older blogs out there is Little Green Footballs. I used to peruse it many years ago. I believe its real coming out party was an exposé it did of the infamous Dan Rather documents - one that just about proved them a forgery.

Recently, when writing Dead Blogs, I decided for the first time in probably 4 years to check out LGF.

I must say I was surprised to see the term *wingnut* used so pervasively. From past, albeit ancient, experience I more expected to see that pejorative's polar opposite - *moonbat* - littering the content.

I also noticed the traffic on that site seemed to be only a little more than I remember it being 4 years ago - though I could be wrong. But I would have expected it to have risen substantially, as *blogs* in general have gained exponentially more traction in that time.

"What was going on here?" I wondered...

I had a notion, but wasn't interested enough to research the matter.

Then just now I saw this post - Charles Johnson: Why I Parted Ways With The Right - over on that coward Barry Ritholtz's site.

(Yeah, BR is a coward for a few reasons. Here, for example, he who claims to be a *both sides basher* is at it again, but only links to the dirty work of others. He outsources his clueless vitriol, like a real man! Also, Barry's a coward for what he did to me a few months ago. See here and here.)

From what I can tell, Charles Johnson has undertaken a personal crusade against *global warming deniers* and *religious* people - which is fine, and totally his perogative.

And it looks like he's taken to deleting unfriendly feedback. Perhaps Charles Johnson should go back and read his own posts on cognitive dissonance!

All this might explain why his site seems to have stagnated. A self-styled libertarian who believes Big Government has a mandate to protect that little, all-encompassing thing called *the environment*???

Well, it's certainly a niche demographic he's targeting! Good luck to him.

It really is a truism that the faster they (civilizatons, countries, companies, celebrities, blogs, etc.) rise, the sooner they fall...


Taylor Conant said...


If by "self-styled libertarian" you mean total neo-con socialist-in-freedom-lover's-clothing, then, yeah, that's accurate.

Btw, maybe some other reasons LGF went down the tubes a bit are because:

1.) Bush isn't in office anymore
2.) I thought CJ went off and started "Pajamas Media"... probably takes a lot of his time

CaptiousNut said...

His blog always seemed, if memory serves me, to be just a linkfest with an active comment thread, a la Calculated Risk.

I've seen more than a few blogs constituted this way fade or degenerate over time. A few good commenters leave and that's it.

I'll take my steady annual progress over a lucky (Dan Rather) windfall that's not sustainable over time.

My blog growth, as humble as it is, is at least ORGANIC!

Anonymous said...

A pic mocking the LGF all-too-frequent bans.

CaptiousNut said...


Thanks - kind of funny.