Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One-Size Fits All!

I found this quote from some *Cato Institute* propaganda on the back of scrap paper - it probably came from something my extremist MIL printed out.

Arne Duncan, the Chicago schools bureaucrat that Obama has installed as Secretary of Education, doesn't see it that way. "If we accomplish one thing in the coming years," he said recently, "it should be to eliminate the extreme variation in standards across America." Diversity is bad, uniformity double-plus good; get with the program, America.


Didn't Hitler try to flush out *extreme variation*???

Yeah, this is just what we need: one national grocery store, one national healthcare plan, and one *standardized*, national educational system.

No one's ever tried that before, right?

See also - Unity, A Ruse.


Taylor Conant said...


So, we're back to the age-old question: when the commies show up at your doorstep, do you stick around and try to vote them away, or do you just pack up your belongings, say, "Well, it's been a good run, while it lasted, anyway" and then hightail it out of there with you and your family?

I mean, you and I have already seen this movie and we know how it ends. But these gimlets have no clue, and boy, they can't wait to slap down their $10.50(!) to see it!

Anonymous said...

Not from me !
I an not a Cato reader or subscriber..
My source for good scholarly analysis is The Heritage Foundation.
Are you all members ?? I just heard a presentation by Rep.Ryan at a Heritage meeting.High quality stuff. If not, why aren't you members ??? Look into Hritage's efforts . ......... MIL

Taylor Conant said...


Have you visited the Ludwig von Mises Institute, based out of Auburn, Alabama?

They are the most principled liberty-lovers in the world!

Anonymous said...

Teacher gets arrested for trying to smuggle meth into a NH prison and she gets suspended with pay!