Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazed Parents And Transcontinental Food

Comedian/Actor Steve Carell on his deranged parents:

Bon Appetit Magazine - Tell us about your most unforgettable meal.

Steve Carell - It was a Thanksgiving when my parents came from Boston to visit me in Chicago. They actually brought the entire meal on the plane with them, including a fully cooked turkey.


And you know, YOU JUST KNOW that turkey they bought on sale after last T-giving, and it was sitting in their freezer for 12 months.

This bit recalls another post of mine - Typical, Crazy, Italian Woman!

And also my beloved MIL, food wacko extraordinaire:
She cooks for her neighbors. She cooks for her contractors (and their kids) and I also suspect she feeds her local garbage collectors. She has sneaked pancetta and prosciutto through customs on her way back from Italy (spraying the sniffing dogs with perfume to mask her smuggling). She has toted chicken soup as a carry-on halfway across the country to bring to her sick daughter. I maintain that she would feed Bin Laden if she showed up at her house hungry.

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