Friday, March 05, 2010

Wash My Mouth Out With Soap?

Now I'm going to post a link to something here that is very crass.

Attention - All you women out there....DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. That goes especially for my female relatives. But it also applies to anyone who esteems me higher than a creep, an a$$hole, a Moron, a hypocrite, a loser, a pervert, etc.

I was searching for a forehead sweat pic for a post earlier today when I came across the crass image that I'll link to below.

For kicks, I emailed it out to the LCD of my contact list. When I tell you that I got a 100% rapid-fire response from all of them, I'm not exaggerating a little bit.

I haven't received such insta-feedback since I sent out that crazy pic of my wife's pregnant belly some 5.5 years ago. Of course, that pic of my son's foot in utero traveled the world in light-speed - making him famous even before he was a five year old blogging and mastering algebra.

I don't know what potential this link has in that regard. Perhaps it's just fodder for the LCD and my GutterBuddies.

THE LINK....that I'm not morally responsible for in any way, shape, or form.

Surprise, surprise, WestCoastTom asked me where he could buy a couple dozen.

Again, anyone who clicks on that link and chastises me for posting it will then be targeted for personal Marginalization (and that means you, beloved MIL, you know darn well how much content I'm sitting on!).


west coast tom. said...

I figured I'd rather buy 'em new than take you up on your offer to borrow yours. Is it really 4 to 6 weeks before I get the soap? Seems a little excessive...

CaptiousNut said...


Ironically, when your shipment'll start to *use* less soap than you ever have in the history of your showering!

west coast tom. said...

you 'sweatin'' me vag-man?