Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Always Teaching Lessons

One of my pet peeves is people (without being specific) who throw stuff in my(!) laundry inside-out.

Socks, shirts, pants, undergarments....EVERY article is turned inside-out. Who even disrobes in such a manner? People from the Bizarro world?

This makes *folding* clean clothes almost twice as much work. I'm a bit weird in the sense that I genuinely like to do laundry (and shovel snow, mow lawns, etc.) except that I've about had it with the inconsideration of other members of my family.

I guess what I should do is from now on fold everything as-is, fold the rags inside out and put them in drawers that way. No?


Taylor Conant said...

A bird of mine once suggested I flip designer jeans inside out in the wash so that the "fashion-side" threads of the jeans would not get worn out quickly from beating around the washer and dryer too much. That was simultaneously the day I realized-- a.) I had designer jeans and b.) I didn't want to buy designer jeans anymore because I couldn't tell the difference and it was too much work keeping them nice.

So, maybe that's the thinking.

CaptiousNut said...


So what did you end up doing with that pair of Jordache's?

And how much did they cost? The price ought to say *designer* or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree when it comes to most inconsequential, socks .
However, better adult washables....casual cotton knit shirts,Orvis quality shirts, dark items, good jeans
are best washed inside-out, cold water to preserve color ,shape, both in the wash and especially in the dryer. Returning them inside out is better than abusing them . I, too, like doing laundry , (ironing also) and have often observed that come the deluge, with this talent, I will make a fortune taking in laundry! MIL