Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nine Lives Of My Moronic Landlord

A while back I mentioned how the idiot almost killed himself. See - More Landlord Recklessness.

Above is a pic of the actual car that he somehow, miraculously survived; that's the eyesore that he dumped in my backyard praying for an MTV bailout.


Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, C-Nut, you never said he was Hispanic!

CaptiousNut said...

How can you tell from that pic that he's not Chinese? Or Jewish?

He got the time-bomb from a police auction - 11k or so I think - a couple of years ago.

I do wonder how the police ended up with it!

If the house goes to auction later this month, I'm calling a scrap yard to take it away. I suspect they'll do it for free.

Paul Mitchell said...

I made an assumption based on the potrillo painted on the rear quarter panel and the upholstery on the interior door panels.

Am I wrong?