Sunday, March 28, 2010

Better Blogging Chronicles -3 - Aesthetics

I think my blog has a *neat* look in the sense that abs ads are nonexistent and in that the site is relatively uncluttered by the links, feeds, and buttons that cover most other blogs.

But I do admit my site looks unsophisticated and altogether ancient compared to what most other serious bloggers front. So reluctantly, I'm going to do something about that.

Wordpress is all the rage these days. I guess because it's more pro-blogger friendly - more customizable. And in re-thinking the focus of my blog, I contemplated starting a new one strictly dedicated to homeschooling on a Wordpress template. I still may do that but at the moment I'm stumped on picking a new name (there's actually a lot of *science* in that, supposedly).

Although I may not have to go elsewhere. Did anyone really think Blogger (i.e. Google) was going to sit back and let some upstart gobble up their blogging business?

I just came across evidence that Blogger has started to *upgrade* its templates:

I have resolved to improve my blog aesthetics....but it's going to take some time. I'm going to start noting the attributes of other sites that I like and dislike.

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Paul Mitchell said...

The 'Share/Save' button is a good feature. One thing that I always have to remember about my hideous blog is that the writing is so bad that it helps for the page to load quickly.

The template changes add load time on everything that I have tried and that is just no good for me. I have a need, a need for speed.