Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Untraveled Massachusetts Rube

I'm at the driving range yesterday and I get to chatting with an 'old coot' next to me.

CaptiousNut - Got any grandkids?

YoungFossil - Not yet. But there's one on the way.

CaptiousNut - Do they live nearby?

YoungFossil - Nah....My son lives in New York.

CaptiousNut - In the City?

YoungFossil - Nah....Out on Long Island.

CaptiousNut - Oh, yeah? Where on Long Island?

YoungFossil - On Long Island.

CaptiousNut - But what town?

YoungFossil - Long Island.

CaptiousNut - Okay. I'm very familiar with Long Island. It's big, over 100 miles long, and goes all the way out from Brooklyn past the Hamptons. For example, my wife grew up in the town of....

YoungFossil - I don't know if there's a town.

CaptiousNut - Believe me, there's a town.

YoungFossil - Well my son just calls it *Long Island*.

Good luck punching that into the GPS!

After some more, excruciating interrogation, I discovered that the guy's son probably lived on the South Shore, near *Long Beach*. My first guess was going to be *Long Island City* in Queens.

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