Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anti-Aging Work

My wife is *off* all this week so I am enjoying some more solitary time. And since it's 14 degrees outside AND wind-chilling below zero....I've no plans to go anywhere.

I'm just sitting here blogging, and acquainting myself with today's Top-40, on YouTube, on my secondary monitor.

You know, you can hear a song on the radio - like that new *New York* song - umpteen times before discovering its name ("Empire State Of Mind") or even who sings it (Jay-Z & Alicia Keys). For this, and all other matters....Google's rather helpful.

And I now see that YouTube has some new channel up showing high-def videos. VEVO is apparently a partnership with Universal Music Group.

It's hard for me to keep up with all the goings on in the music biz - never mind who's climbing the charts(!) - but according to that article, many of the major record labels have successfully pulled their videos from YouTube (save UMG). But I have noticed that MANY of the YouTube videos I've linked on my prolific blog have been *pulled*. Furthermore, I've even had the *audio* tracks pulled from some of my personal videos (example).

Now there's probably a very easy way to *mask* copyrighted tunes on a YouTube clip so that their search algorithms can't find us *thieves*. But who has the time?

On that note, with all the copyright jostling online (where the lawyers must be cleaning up!), I've asked tons of young kids if they *buy* their MP3s....and I haven't recieved an affirmative response yet.

They get them all *online* or from friends. My niece told me that even directly on iTunes there's a loophole through which one can *instant message* a song over to someone else.

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McDozer said...

If propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship, then Google was to Youtube what hemorrhoids are to a poor man's behind (since Google took over Youtube it hasn't been the same).

No wonder kids aren't buying mp3s anymore, if you can't even hear the frigging song online anywhere anymore.
- Nor are adults with half a brain buying them, for that matter...
Thankfully for the moguls of Google and the record companies, most rich people don't seem to fall into that category...