Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Craziness....Already Begun

My brother flew in tonight from L'viv, Ukraine. He's been there for two years now (maybe less, who can remember?).

And he brought with him one of our distant relatives. A 49 year-old man who is, after some tedious calculation, most easily described as my mother's third cousin (we think). He doesn't speak any English and it's his first trip ever to he's pretty excited about his 11 day visit.

(To bad I live in Boston, otherwise I could show him some decent food, decent fun, decent weather, decent people, etc.)

Anyways, it suffices to say that I'm pretty busy at the moment - and will be for the next 1.5 weeks. So the blog is going to suffer a bit. Sorry.

Tonight's low in Boston is forecast to be *9 degrees* - the coldest it's been thus far since last winter.

When the Ukrainian visitors got off the plane today....they actually thought it was warm here!


Anonymous said...

Dear C,
I'm poor, but won 500$ at work. I need a final push to buy me Durant's Story of Civilization. Please help !

CaptiousNut said...

Those books can be scooped up from library sales, yard sales, and clueless 'old coots' - I think.

All I'm probably going to do history-wise with my homeschooled kids is have them read Durant.

Only 8 used sets on at the moment - from $170-$328.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I would look at used book stores, put a wanted ad on Craigs list,buy even one at a time till you assemble the whole set.. I see them at the Southampton Library (used book sale dept) all the time for $3 each. Good luck... Don't spend that $500 on "new" Durant--though he is certainly worth it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cnut, MIL for your response. Unfortunately I live in a country that hasn't heard of Will Durant enough even though he wrote a book just for us, and started his book journey from here !! Maybe I shall get the used set or wait for a trip to the US !