Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The War On Kids - Film

Now this is not a work that looks particularly exhaustive or appealing to me.

It reminds me of the old hippies protesting in my town each week with signs like *No War for Oil*.

In other words, the film, like the under-nuanced shibboleth above, are both unsophisticated complaints about very complex phenomena. They are, at best, diagnosing symptoms when what's really needed are prescriptions rooted in accurate pathology.

As for the film...

The padlocks and security cameras prevalent in today's government schools, while a definite sensation, they are merely warts on a disemboweled, rotting carcass.

Forget the cameras and the school shootings....no one even learns how to read! No less how to think independently...

Perhaps there's more to the film than I can discern? I hope so because the subject is too important.

I did see my boy John Taylor Gatto in that clip above. On him I've written a bunch - click here.

Thanks to Taylor for alerting me to this film.

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