Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grey Hair - Harbinger Of Death!

It's funny. A basic Google image search of grey hair turns up prominent pics of: Richard Gere, Taylor Hicks, and Jennifer Aniston. So I guess *celebrities* in this day and age DEFINE grey hair or something.

Though I've seen some glimmer on my head for a couple years now, I've always been able to blame *the light* - until now that is. Just this past week I've admitted to myself that my hair is in fact greying.

I know I really shouldn't complain. I'm 35 for crying out loud; some of my age-peers are not only fully grey, they are bald!

But still, the grey hairs will challenge my otherwise *youthful* physical appearance. Grey looks sort of funny on a baby-face, no? It was like back when I was a drunken twenty-something year-old. All that Yuengling Lager gave me an unsightly, massive gut - which looked downright ridiculous on a skinny kid. (Throw in a massive golf/farmer's tan....and I was anything but the beach adonis that I am now!)

This article on the *science* of greying asserts that it has nothing at all to do with stress. And it concludes philosophically:

Embrace Your Individuality

English humorist and author P.G. Wodehouse concluded that the guillotine is the only cure for gray hair. Religious texts, on the other hand, consider the loss of pigmentation as "the beauty of the aged." At the very least, the first sign of white specks can be taken as affirmation that you are aging normally.


As if between the varicose veins, creaking bones, diminished energy, Friday nights spent in bed(!), warts, a blackened toe nail, the infomercials, and the terrifying similarities between me and my 'old coot' father....as if in addition to ALL THAT, I needed affirmation that I was *aging normally*!!!

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Self Esteem Affirmations said...

I liked this article, I do believe that what we think about and what consumes our minds has much to do with how we move forward in life or stay put.