Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Death Toll Still Rising

Just removed two more dead mice from my ceiling.

That brings the body count up to 11!

Would have left that glue trap a little longer except that it started to rank.

Last week I was advised by a couple of local agitators - to report my landlord to the *board of health* on account of the creatures stirring.

I had read of that option online, but thought it would be a hassle. I incorrectly presumed that it was an arm of the *state*.

Turns out, it's a local town agency - and they LOVE to themselves become a nuisance. You know how it goes, if they don't *do anything* in a sleepy, bloated town such as ours....the department could easily be eliminated or downsized.

Apparently they can and are eager to make life very difficult for negligent property owners - or for people they just don't like, a category I'm sure my landlord sits atop.

My walls have been noticeably quieter the past few weeks. Me and that green poison must have neutralized most of them. Though everything I read says these critters get worse in the winter. It'll be down to 15 degrees tonight; and tomorrow's HIGH will be a balmy 21!

Note that officially, winter doesn't even start for five more days.


Paul Mitchell said...

That is just so danged nasty. But, give us something that will show some scale on these bad boys. They look huge.

Anonymous said...

REALLY disgusting...

CaptiousNut said...


I took that pic from 10 feet away!

Paul Mitchell said...

No way. Those aren't mice, they are Shetland ponies.

Chuck said...

Why not use snap traps instead? Leaving a glue trap and just letting them die by themselves is pretty cruel... end their misery IMO.