Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Greater Depression Soup Lines

I'm no meticulous price watcher...

So tell me, am I off-base in complaining about Progresso Soup now costing $2.50 a can?

For some reason, I have $1.69 as the price for that in my head. It's SOUP for crying out loud!

And it only serves one person; and it's loaded with unhealthy salt ("sodium"); etc.

Furthermore, the *Light* flavors are now $3.00 in my neighborhood.

Maybe I have to get into the slightly flavored broth business?

My favorite is their Italian Style Wedding.

I've always liked it. For me, there's nothing like inhaling those little meatballs with the escarole and the pasta.

Screw Progresso! I'm making chicken stock at this very moment. And I'm googling Italian wedding soup recipes. This week I make my inaugural pot.

And check out Campbell's with their better-than-expected earnings:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Campbell Soup Co (CPB.N) reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit on Monday, helped by price increases and easing costs for ingredients including grains that offset a drop in sales.

Laying people off, not passing on commodity price declines, etc.

They're gouging us!

I say break up Big Soup.


Mom in MA said...

I worked with a woman at my last job who used to hold a marketing position high @ Campbells. She pointed out to me that the worse the economy, the better soup sales are...people are stockpiling. Regardless of how much hope & change people profess to have/want, they realize things are going to hell in a handbasket. Oh and one day last Dec when we had the first massive stock market kill, Campbells was the only stock that went up. So...basically...prices are up on soup because they know they can get it. Business is good.

CaptiousNut said...

You watch stocks too?


You seem to have some broad knowledge there in your head! (No pun intended.)

But, can you work the ball of the tee? Both ways?

My Campbells soup anecdote is funny.

Some ten years ago, into my Neanderthal option trading pit walked some dude who apparently married an *heir* of the Campbells soup fortune.


For three days straight I hazed his a$$, non-stop, from 9:30am to 4:02pm; then suddenly, he lost it, screamed something weak at me, and bolted off the trading floor - never to be seen again.

It was, indeed, one of my best *ejections*. And downright hilarious!