Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marginalizing Cheesy Shutterfly Cards

Here's one of my wife's attempts at a potential *Christmas card photo*.

She asked them to say "cheese":

After several unusable shots....I had to step in.

I made them instead say "poophead", "fart face", etc.

Notice the difference:

Two other items here:

One, the second shot did indeed become our Christmas card. And the windmill in the background....well, my wife violently insisted on cropping it out. What can I say, SHE'S the household fanatic!

Lastly, I am pissed at Shutterfly. Every year I make remarks about how we have to cut back on how many cards we order and send out; the list gets longer EVERY year. I mean do we really have to send them to our neighbors and local friends? They see our kids all the time! And then there are cards for *our parents' friends*, cards for people who live far away that we haven't been in touch with in YEARS, then those people who send you a card out-of-the-blue to whom you HAVE TO reciprocate.

These things cost $1 each....times 135 44 cents apiece in postage...equals


But get this, freakin' Shutterfly actually sent us a double order of cards!

So everyone Marginal on our list, everyone ripe for cutting....they got a card, again. (And surely husbands far away will be cursing us for making them reciprocate!)

So with the extra cards, we'll be well over $200 for cards - IN THIS ECONOMY!

Not for anything, but I don't think this is the first time Shutterfly has screwed me with an over-delivery. I think it may in fact be a deliberate scam on their part - to set off a spiral of extra card sending.


Mom in MA said...

Dear Mr. Nut,

Consider a collage print next year:

I couldn't get all 3 of my kids to smile at the same time so gave up.

I picked 20 of my favorite pics from throughout the year, made a collage print 4x6, added text and voila...9c per print later & a short trip to Wal-Mart for local pick up and life was back on track...

CaptiousNut said...

Thanks, Mom!

Will forward to the wife.

Mark said...

I really like the environmental theme of the picture with the wind turbine in the background

CaptiousNut said...


It was CROPPED out!

Anonymous said...

The Dopeys are back!

Get those kids a cup of coffee already...