Sunday, December 13, 2009

Like Pulling Teeth

Tomorrow morning, I am having one of my wisdom teeth extracted. Never endured this before....just going with a *local* because it's $163 cheaper and so that I can drive myself home.

My son asked me why they were pulling the tooth.

Answering honestly I said because *experts* tell me it needs to come out....and because the people that do it need money.

[Four years ago, some oral surgeon down in Charlotte, NC told me that I NEEDED all four pulled. I asked him to explain; he tried but was completely unintelligible; I called him on it; he grew furious I guess because I just didn't blindly accept his recommendation; I essentially called him an idiot to his face and walked out triumphantly. Since then, I've seen two other oral surgeons; both of them only recommended a single tooth extraction. I may not know a lick about dentistry, but for me, quacks and Morons are easily diagnosed.]


Unknown said...

I did the same thing at your age. It wasn't until 15 years later that gum issues required further wisdom tooth extractions.

Don't do it until you have to.

You're gonna love it when orthos tell you that your kids MUST have teeth pulled.

Quackery runs rampant.

CaptiousNut said...

I couldn't believe how fast the guy pulled the tooth.

Gave me two needles; came back in 12 minutes; spent one second ripping it out; and another 2 minutes threading one stitch and sucking out some blood.

11am appointment....I was in my car at 11:25am!

$555, 80% of which was covered by my insurance.

I'll bet this guy lives in at least a $1.5 million dollar house, comfortably to boot.