Monday, December 21, 2009

While The Others Were In School, Learning Nothing...

We were in fact the only ones there sledding today at 1pm.

It was quite fun, except for a frightful beginning.

The park is on the border of Weymouth and Hingham in Massachusetts.'s a *dog park*.

While we were heading in, we had to walk a few hundred yards to get to the hill. A woman was descending with her sloshing dog. I couldn't see what it was, but it was definitely all fired up. As it got closer, it picked up speed and headed right for us. My son, the 5.08 year-old Prince, was languishing about 30 yards behind me. As the dog sprinted past me and my daughter, I could see that it was a pit bull type or something.

I hollered at the lady, "Is that a pit bull?" and she didn't answer. She called the dog faintly and yelled, "It won't do anything" as it accelerated, full-speed straight for my son.

It went past all 35 lbs of my son, then turned around and buzzed right next to him three more times. My heart was racing and I tried to calmly ask the woman to get her dog away. She did next to nothing except say "he won't do anything", yet again. Finally, as eternity mercifully came to pass, she and her dog had made it beyond my waddling son.

Then she screamed, "Yes, it is a pit bull! THIS IS A DOG PARK!!!"

But what the eff did I do?

I was too relieved at the ordeal being over to process the fact that she was a complete POS and deserved some sort of retribution for her callousness.

Yeah, it was a *dog park*, but still, the signs say they have to be leashed and scooped - subject to a $200 fine. "Should I have called the cops for the second time this month?", I wondered.

I relayed this episode later this afternoon to some guy, a crazed libertarian type.

He strongly recommended that in this world I....always carry a gun.

I'm not too crazy about that idea, but his point is not to be taken lightly. Only a genuine Moron would depend on government agents to protect themself.

BTW, the sledding was quite fun!

Though tomorrow we're heading somewhere else.

Realize that this is at least the third such incident I've had with my kids and Deranged Dog People at parks. And I believe I had additional one at a beach.

There are only three things on this overheated planet that I'm afraid of:

  • The ocean, some aspects of it anyway.
  • North Philadelphia, on the first warm spring day.
  • And pit bulls.

Click here for my *dog people* link.


Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with people? Her dog is full speed charging at a kid and she does nothing. She was clearly afraid of what the dog might to do both your son and her. Why do you think she didn't chase it down? Fear. She would rather have the dog attack your child than let it bite her or admit that she has an out of control animal. Yes, its a dog park, that doesn't mean you can let your dog charge people.

Not sure what good a gun woulda' done you had this gone badly. the dog was way too close to your son for you to take a clean shot and shooting her, while satisfying I'm sure, probably would not have been good for your life situation.

My neighbors have a big German Shephard. It is kind of a mean dog. It went after another dog in the neighborhood, right next door actually, not a good thing. But give the people credit, the owner chased down that dog and full on tackled his own dog like Lawrence Taylor to stop it.

SR out.

Anonymous said...

I HATE dog people. The moment you tense up or move away when their wolves come barreling at you, they always say the same thing, "He is friendly!" in an annoying tone. Dog people should rot in hell.

CaptiousNut said...


I saw the mutt coming from very far away. I was fully aware. I would have pulled it out and fired a warning shot.

Then I could of taken the dog out as it ran straight past me not ten feet away.

Of course, doing anything like that would get me in a heap of trouble - firing in a public place, shooting an animal *pre-emptively*. Etc.

IMO, so long as I can't wield a gun....we should exterminate all pit bulls (and perhaps a healthy percentage of their owners).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guns are illegal in your state. So no shooting dogs. Which is in itself undoubtedly illegal as well.

Maybe you can own some of the pepper spray for dogs, or even better, the grizzly bear variant. Granted, it's not the best weapon (think wind effects) but you have to have something.

Start blasting these beasts with pepper spray. That'll get the goddamned stupid dog owner's attention!