Sunday, December 13, 2009

On That Nutjob Chef

Nice article here.

Apparently, the guy had some financial problems last year. Who didn't, right?


Mom in MA said...

He also had a mistress scandal and some freaky looking plastic surgery last year. I don't know which face is worse...before or after.

I still like him though. He'll survive. His show the F Word is better than any of the crap on the food network these days.

CaptiousNut said...


Never seen the F Word.

He is indeed one ugly dude, even before he opens his foul trap.

And he needs to shave his head, not accentuate the bad hair with lard or whatever he slops on there!

That pic is typical. They made him furrow his brow in the *before* - like those weight-loss pics where they suck-in on the *after* shot.

Mom in MA said...

Made him furrow his brow? Have you watched him on tv? I thought maybe he was in some sort of accident when he was younger a-la Seal. The F word is on BBC. This before & after pic isn't as bad as the Sammy Sosa one...have you seen that scary thing? (SHUDDER)