Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Skip - Hollywoodland

Despite a 3-star rating (on Comcast), this movie was a *miss*. I feel disappointed because I watched the entire thing in hopes it would improve. Don't waste your time on this overrated film.

My wife luckily fell asleep 10 minutes in. This morning I informed her it stunk:

Mrs. C-Nut - What'd you expect? The odds of getting two good movies in a row nowadays are zero!

She's right. But actually it would have been three - as both Body of Lies and Into The Valley Of Elah were decent!

So the next ten I see are guaranteed to stink...

BTW, George Reeves (above) was no relation to Christopher Reeve - who played Superman in the 80s. Note their different last names.

And that reminds me of a great joke I wielded at the bar, on the golf course, and in the trading pit amongst my low-life peers back in 1999:

Why didn't Superman save JFK Jr. (whose plane crashed)?

C'mon. Give the guy a break he's in a wheelchair!

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