Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost Died

At the end of a long drive yesterday (70 miles, two anxious kids, going to Grandma's house) I almost died - laughing AND via a car accident.

I was driving my wife's technologically advanced new car, which is hard enough for someone who's only ever driven clunkers, when that famous Door's song came on the radio. Before I could change the station from that grating 'old coot', depressing ditty....I saw that the digital radio dial had *mis-identified* the title of the song playing.

Instead of *Touch Me*....

It listed the song as *Douche Me*!!!

So I had to scramble for my Droid phone, while I was on a crowded highway, and rapidly approaching my exit.

I had to unlock the touch-screen phone, somehow find the camera function, and snap a pic of this obvious *blog material* AND keep my eyes on the road. Meanwhile, the kids were melting down in the back and I was practically wetting my pants at how funny *Douche Me* was. Did some smart-alec manually type that in? Or was it just a failed voice-recognition? Or maybe they outsourced the data entry to 30 cents an hour ESLs in India?

These pics were the best I got under the circumstances.

No doubt a tech-savvy, 'young coot' like Taylor would have taken much better ones. (And I needed his help to upload them too!)

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west coast tom. said...

Bro, the real problem is that you have BOS (92.9) programmed as the 1st pre-set.