Friday, January 22, 2010

A Doctorate In Moronology

Last time I ran this test - googling Morons - my blog showed up on the fourth page of search results.

I just ran it again, some nine months later, and I am happy to report that Marginalizing Morons is now on the SECOND PAGE of results - at the top to boot!

In my mind, I already own this subject. And I have no doubt that one day I'll be recognized for the expert I am - as the second entry, right under the definition.

And then I'll start a school that will train and certify budding Moronologists...

Though it will be expensive. Tuition will be charged in the precise manner of today's institutions of higher ed. There will be perfect price discrimination. Parents will be expected to tap their home equity....and each pay according to their means.

UPDATE - Shoot! Now when I do it, I only come up atop the third page of results. Did my boasting get me bumped?

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