Friday, January 15, 2010

Remember these? They used to keep showing up in our mailboxes:

And guess's up to AOL 12.0 now!

Actually, it could be higher; at least that's the version I saw running on my MIL's computer over Christmas. I submit that as far as technology is concerned, one should never utilize ANYTHING that's in it's 12th iteration.

It is somewhat incredible, that no surer *age test* exists at the moment. If someone has an AOL email address....then they are most certainly over the age of 60!

Because, of course, if they change to gmail or yahoo....their friends will NEVER, EVER be able to find them with the latest forward from the *FALSE* file at

So my cousin was valiantly trying to de-clutter her mother's (my aunt's) house a couple of years ago.

Cousin - Did you know my mom has piles of *100 Free Hours* AOL disks that came in the mail? She was saving them for years, thinking they must have been worth something - I guess.

That reminds me, I haven't heard from my dear aunt in quite some time. Either her computer is acting up (again!) on account of viruses, spam, and cheapness....or, perhaps she just hasn't made it to the public library. Because, as y'all know, the 'olds', both 'coots' and 'bags', go there to *check email*.

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