Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Self-Help

I always love playing with, and ruminating upon, Google's search suggestions!

Wow! Bank of America comes right up in *legal targets*.

Not only that, they are also represented there as a *company*, a large *employer*, a *bank*, a *landlord* (via it's ginormous REO inventory!), AND a *credit card company*.

I'll bet their legal department hasn't suffered many (any?) cuts during this economic swoon!


Anonymous said...

18 screenshots? You need an editor...I lost interest after about 4 of them.

Mom in MA said...

...and you missed two of the best search term which are 'my husband...' and 'my wife...'. Only funny to married folk I suppose.

CaptiousNut said...


Read it. It's funny!


I did something like that before.

Paul Mitchell said...

I think that the two that are most applicable are "How to start a business with no money" and "How do YOU give YOUR boyfriend good head."

I think that you answered the first question with the second question.