Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Water Torture

With my court date less than three weeks away (eviction proceeding)...

I've uncovered yet another bit of leverage.

Having noticed more frequent letters in the mailbox from the water company, and using basic commonsense, I deduced that my deadbeat landlord wasn't paying the water bill.

A phone call just now to the water company has confirmed that. He's in arrears by $867.44 - three quarters worth of H2O.

The customer service lady said that shutoff was *pending*.

So what does this mean exactly?

Well, for one thing, it should make the litany of complaints I barrage the judge with more credible. I'm sure he's seen thousands of despicable landlords in his courtroom; so it shouldn't be hard to make the case that he falls neatly into that category.

Also, I'll go pay this unpaid bill and deduct it from any financial claim he puts on me, i.e. unpaid rent.

Remember, I'm not trying to *make out* on this skirmish so much as I am trying to reclaim my rights as a paying tenant and my unsecured security deposit. But beyond that my goal is to make my landlord's life as miserable as he deserves. I'm very content to pay the water company INSTEAD of him. Someone has to step up and put an end to his thievery!

Now, if only I could find a way to funnel my rent to pay his mortgage and his property taxes directly...

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Funny Circus Bears said...


I'd be tempted to sue him in small claims (cheap and easy) for the security deposit shenanigans, but a judgement against a skint pikey...

Anonymous said...

This should be a reality tv show...

coach G said...

seeing as you are not trying to beat him out of more than you owe....I am pretty sure that the court can set up an escrow account for you to pay your rent...the court will proabably take that monet and pay some of the claims against him...not going in his pocket so he still bleeds...It is never legal to not pay your rent..right now you are just a "little late" check it out

CaptiousNut said...

Coach G,

I WISH I could do that - God knows he has more claims against him than anyone could count.

But my sense is that he is still legally due the rent. And it's up to everyone: water company, credit cards, banks, stiffed contractors, architects, and lawyers to go after him individually. Of course, he'll file for personal bankruptcy when the time comes.

I will deduct as much as I can on any payments, gladly.