Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Locus Of Miserable Morons

To read one of the best blog posts I've read in a while:

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To pinpoint your locus of control - click here.

(internal, 66% for me - whatever that means!)

I must point out, that I don't necessarily agree in full with Peter Gray's *prescription* of more free play. I think kids, ideally, need exposure to more work, real life work that is. Make them sweep chimneys again! Or fetch water!


Orion said...

81%. It actually makes sense when you think about it. Most people who would describe themselves as libertarian in any sense would tend to think have more of an "internal locus". Really, it just means that you believe you are in control of your life and it isn't just chance. Do you tend to think luck is earned? I do. When I was in direct sales some of the crappy sales people would come up to me and make jokes about rubbing some of my luck onto them. Was I lucky? No, while they were home sleeping I was at work. While they were listening to music on the way to work I was listening to sales tapes. While they were out to hour lunches I brought lunch and was always available to do my job.

Slow out.

CaptiousNut said...



I'm getting jaded in my old age.

Most of the people I see as financially successful I adjudge to have been very lucky.

Even if one out-works their peers, there's still the *luck* of going into the right industry at the right time. No?

I knew on some of those questions that I was *losing points* by asserting the above opinion.

Of course, wealth is but one arena to consider success in.

Do people have good marriages? Respectable children? Who is the happiest? What about health? Or golfing success? Or spiritual wealth?

All of the above might be functions of hard work - even more so than monetary success.

Orion said...

true success is certainly more than money, that I understand. I would attribute the differences between our "scores" as primarily due to your faith and my lack thereof. I would suggest that having a strong belief in God takes some of that locus of control off of self and puts it into faith.

Slow-Rion out (make sense now). Stems from first learning to drive-bout the same time you did.