Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vocab Lessons - Help Found!

So today I finished reading an abridged, illustrated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Kidnapped to my 5.15 year old son.

We tackled is as we always do, jumping right up to the computer after each few chapters to look up any found object of curiosity or ignorance.

Despite there being a picture of a *blunderbuss* right there in the book, the Prince wanted to google it.

And lo and behold we found a great new etymological resource!

I, in the interests of meticulous research, checked out a couple other videos of hers. Funny, accurate, well-spoken, and a real pleasure to learn from....what more could a student ask for?

So for a brief second I wondered whether or not s*xing up educational material might be efficacious on a large scale.

Then all I could think of was Pamela Smart.

And not for nothin'....but, *classic* or not, that Kidnapped book stunk!

Though my son thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Taylor Conant said...

Answer: shotgun. Or as we in the industry call it, "shotFUN" a har har har.


Put the Prince on Uncle Jay Explains the News for his weekly update on current events from a non-idjit. Pretty enjoyable format that parent and child alike can enjoy, and UJ is thoroughly anti-collectivist/socialist!