Saturday, January 02, 2010

Squeezing Into The Mass Culture

After lambasting the entire category in - Chicks Are Sheep! - on the advice of the female commenters on that post I went out and bought a pair of Lululemon yoga pants for my wife.

They cost $98! And a *yoga towel* from that same store went for an outrageous $55!

That was her Christmas present - even though I've been expressly told never to buy her *workout clothes*, EVER AGAIN, repeatedly to boot.

You see, Mrs. C-Nut is impossible to buy for. Jewelry never worked, clothes seldom were acceptable, she has no real *hobbies*, and I've given her that thoughtful cash-this-coupon-in-for-a-free-massage homemade card more times than I could count over the past eternity eleven years. She seemed to sour on the latter when I started putting conditions and dates of expiry in fine print. See what I mean about how particular she is?

I fit the same profile in the sense that I too am extremely difficult to shop for. But the difference is, when I say *don't buy me anything*....I freakin' mean it!

For an informative and humorous article on the Lululemon juggernaut - click here.

I see now that Lululemon actually has a brassiere called the Ta Ta Tamer!


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight...'Chicks are sheep'...your blog is titled 'marginalizing morons' but you just spent $98 on yoga pants??

CaptiousNut said...

Yep, that is correct.

Personally, I think even spending $60 on a pair of jeans is a jam-job. See this post.

But for others, in this day and age it's not much of an expense - I guess.

No doubt more than a few think spending $60 each Saturday (as I do) to chase around a little white ball is also a colossal waste of money.

Few among us are 100% cheap; we all have our justifiable indulgences.

I splurged on my wife, whatever the cost, to be over and done with the ordeal, the agony of shopping for her, an impossible-to-buy-for recipient.