Friday, January 08, 2010

Greg Mankiw, Finally Right!

If Greg can confess partial embarrassment to admitting that he's been listening to *Lady Gaga*...

Then I'm going to confess substantial embarrassment in agreeing with him!

I too cannot get that song Bad Romance out of my head.

Though I will not, ABSOLUTELY NOT watch the freakshow video on YouTube. It has to blare in the background.

What is that Lady Gaga anyway?

Some sort of transgendered, undescended-testicle hermaphrodite or something?

Whatever. I am most certainly not going to watch her it in such a fleshy video.

It is a darn shame that we have to patronize and listen to these un-Ladylike singers. The lyrics are complete trash and they're horrible idols for our precious children. BUT they do make the best music.

Simply put, all the money is in trash, so it attracts the most talented singers, song-writers, producers, etc.

The relationship is sort of a reversal from the time of Papal Rome.

Back then, all these inverted, pagan artists were adorning churches and glorifying God with their art. They did it because they had to - as the Church paid the best!

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