Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hope, Co-opted!

Even if hard to quantify, Ted Kennedy's death certainly felt like a windfall profit for taxpayers, fetuses, documented citizens, the employed, et al.

Then Republican Scott Brown's surprise nabbing of his seat definitely got a lot of otherwise sullen people jumping for joy...

And, until the next emotional letdown, it'll spur many to continue dreaming - like this guy who's trying to extrapolate from the Senate race to find other potentially weak Congressional seats here in Massachusetts. (The Democrats have all 11 seats in the House at the moment.)

Since I don't, and never did, follow local politics much I know very little about most of these clowns. In my head I have it that William Delahunt is a loon but can't put my finger on why I might think that.

But Barney Frank....that's another story.

With Ted Kennedy gone, he's become, well, let's just say a guy whose next Congressional opponent might receive EVEN MORE national support and monies from out-of-staters than Scott Brown did.

Is he really vulnerable in his highly gerrymandered 4th district? I don't know. As you can see above, the 4th split 50/50 on the Senate race.

While he may be *no Martha Coakley*, a shrill, unaccomplished dingbat....

By the same token, she, who lost(!), hadn't his record of destruction either!

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