Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just What We Need - Another FORWARDER!

So my father, a 66 year old 'old coot', JUST finally got *on email*.

Sure enough, at least one of his friends is bombarding him with *forwards*. I mean BOMBARDING....5 per day or so. I counted 8 so far tonight!

I just had to do a sift through. Some of them were good (like the above), but others might be a little too much of a shock for a man of his years.

We all have them, email buddies that can be counted on to send the *DO NOT OPEN AT WORK* variey of email.

And we all have, or should have(!), a systematic approach to handling electronic mail: do we look at them quickly(?), or save them(?), and the calculus of whom in our inbox might they get forwarded to.

The opposite of a Moron, I would never send anything to anyone at a work address that was even political or personal, never mind inappropriate. I can't tell you how many peers I have that complain about an uncle or inlaw sending them inappropriate forwards (almost a redundancy!) to their work addresses. Don't even get my wife started on forwards!

And I have my people mentally organized. Some I'll send chauvinistic junk to; others, like my MIL, will get the 'old coot' humor; there's a remnant whom I'll send religiously themed content.

Obviously, it'd take my father more time than he has left to develop a *system* and master email etiquette.

He's a genuine two-finger-typing luddite so I don't expect him to become problematic. But still, if I could I'd go into his account right now and disable the FORWARD button...

OR, at least I'd make it so that he can only BCC people.

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