Monday, January 11, 2010

On Bandwagoneers

Alright, in the past couple months I've watched more *chick flicks* (3) than probably in the past 15 years combined!

The other night I let my wife watch the above movie (which I won't link to!) - and I paid attention as well.

Now I started watching that trash when it first came out. It was a pig-fest, long before it got popular. Then they toned it down, etc.

Yeah, the show was disgusting, produced by (male) inverts, and destructive because it literally inspired scores of weak-willed women into such a dead-end lifestyle...

BUT, the movie was a heck of a lot better than *everyone* said - a criticism that's confirmed by the 5.5 rating above.

The film was as well-written and as funny, if not funnier, than the best moments of its run as an HBO series. In other words, if the movie was that terrible, then the show should never have attained such popularity.

I just hate it when all the latecomers jump onto something....and then shortly thereafter poo-poo it.

These docile Morons only started watching the show because *everyone else did* in the first place!

These were the same idiots who blasted the last couple of Sopranos seasons.

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