Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More On Bananagrams

I mentioned the game - Bananagrams - a few weeks ago...

But since then I've had the chance to play in a multi-player format.

And I'm glad to report that the game is a definite winner. It's even more fun playing with several participants.

Although the game is inherently competitive, I think it best when egos are holstered.

And you might not want any *professional Scrabble players* there - as they can be party poopers.

They are always trying to use so-called Scrabble words, *words* that are never used anywhere else, either colloquially, or in books less than 100 years old.

I'm perfectly aware that "ja" is in fact found in the Scrabble dictionary....BUT I won't use it in the spirit of gamesmanship.

And I definitely won't let anyone use a word they can't define on-demand!

In addition to the Scrabble killjoys....within each game will always manifest at least one person who repeatedly lapses into potty-mouthed slang.

Buy the game, you'll get way more than your $15 worth. It's a great low-budget, green (!) activity for the Greater Depression doldrums!


JUstin Time said...

Isn't it just Scrabble without the board?

CaptiousNut said...


But each player creates her own crossword.

AND, they get to completely re-arrange the crossword whenever they want. That's the *anagram* part.

AND, it's a speed game that can get pretty intense.

No scoring, just *who finishes first*.

Justin Time said...

My favorite Scrabble move was to pass off an up-side-down tile as "blank" tile. I usually pulled this out of the bag of tricks right after my opponent played the word "ja".

Sverige said...

I use the Bananagrams Game to help my kindergartner to learn how to spell his quickie words from class. The educational stores have products with spelling tiles but they retail for alot more money and they are useless once the child has mastered their spelling. The little tiles are perfect for his little hands and it is so portable in my pocketbook for on the go learning. For now it has interesting use and once my little speller knows all of his words I know we will enjoy it how it was intended to be played.

CaptiousNut said...

Hi Sverige,

Indeed, Bananagrams are the best!

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