Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too Sick For This Puppy

So I committed a bit of a blunder in the *teaching through literature* segment of our homeschooling.

I started reading Jack London's White Fang (the illustrated, abridged version) to my 5.18 year old son.

I had never read that story myself so I had no idea what to expect.

Now I'm no canine-phile, but it was downright gruesome. Throughout the book, wolves and dogs were savagely fighting to the death and eating each other. They even ate humans at the start of the book! Heck since it turned my stomach I have to say it was clearly content unfit for my son.

We did finish the entire book with me doing my best to deadpan through the gore. But before I open the next *big kid* book, I'm going to do an iota of research. The Call of the Wild is out!


Paul Mitchell said...

I read London's stuff way back when, but recently I made a decision to read a "classic" every other book. I have yet to get to the London ones, but I enjoyed them before and am sure to like them again.

Try Moby Dick if you want something that will only bore you to death.

CaptiousNut said...


Was looking at Moby Dick at the library today, almost grabbed it for the Prince, but remembered how boring it was!

A friend of mine is a HS English teacher - he thinks that book is the best American novel.

Paul Mitchell said...

You should un-friend that friend. Here's my review of Moby Dick.